What Has Happened!

I was watching a segment of Bill Maher’s interview with Alice Waters on HBO.

It makes me realize “What has happened” to our culture? I was raised from a first generation upbringing of organic and ps. no soda pop unless we had company or a special occassion. My God, has it come to this crisis of multi billion dollar education in schools and how to eat?

I am so thrilled that one of my passions is food and sharing with you my first book “Breaking Bread in L’Aquila”. It’s all about simple, fresh, rustic, a touch of elegance – with my a little of this and that (yes, breaking rules too)! Don’t forget to use your linens, dishes and have fun!

I think it’s something everybody needs at the end of day – breaking bread with our friends or family. I think if we do more this, the world would be a much more happier and healthier place.

Here’s to fresh, simple, mindful cooking with a twist of breaking rules!


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  • The Hungry Italian

    Hi Maria,
    You’re right, things in the West need to change before these bad food habits become embedded in our culture. Authors such as Dr. David Kessler and Micheal Pollan not only call attention to, but also explain why this epidemic is taking place. And books like yours illustrate that proper food is neither laborous nor complicated. By the way, I’d like to buy a copy, do you ship to Canada?

    Keep fighting the food fight,
    Sandro Lisi

  • Maria Filice

    Thanks Sandro – we share a lot of the same food philosophy. Auguri !

    ps – yes, we ship around the globe!

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