Wednesday, November 3rd

Hi Everybody,

I was be attending Domenic Serio’s fashion show in Toronto this evening at Villa Colombo. I will be giving a brief talk about my book and will speak on food styling and how the aesthetics of food preparation is very important.

I have received great feedback on the photos – and as a first time food stylist, it speaks from passion and heart. Of course, my photographer Carolyn did a great job taking the photos through my eyes. The photography portion will be my next project – in my next book.

In a previous blog titled From Fashionista to Foodista or my upcoming cooking class on December 2nd “Dolci & Maria” always comes from a place of fashion and styling. Not to mention, great food to compliment the styling.

Domenic Serio has been designing Haute Couture for over 20 years – making him a very important name in the fashion industry in Toronto. I look forward to seeing his designs as we eat, drink and be Maria!

The net proceeds of this book will be donated to the restoration efforts of the earthquake of L’Aquila.

a presto,


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