Veal Cutlets

IMG_7506Hi Everybody,

I love veal cutlets …. cotoletta!

What’s the difference between a veal cutlet and a veal schnitzel? The schnitzel, Austrian version of a cutlet does not use the egg wash, just bread crumbs and flour only. The Polish cutlet is a breaded pork chop or chicken (no egg wash). In other cultures, the Australian version uses lamb, but if you make it with chicken, they call it a chicken schnitzel. In Britain, a cutlet is referred as a fried chop and no bread crumbs are used. In Russia, cutlets are pan-fried mincemeat croquettes (breaded meatballs). In India, a cutlet is cooked meat with spices, which are then dipped in egg and bread crumbs.

This version of the recipe reflects my Southern Italian roots from Calabria. In Italian, they are called cotoletta.

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