Photos from Friday Night in Owego, NY


Here are some of the photos form Friday Night at Front and Center, Owego, NY.

Simon served wine and I prepared a few appetizers (what a team)!

pizzelli1 caprese+on+a+stick1 bruscetta1 Maria+and+Simon1

We had a great time and some of the guests already signed up to my October 1st cooking class “Breaking Bread with Maria”.

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Summertime Appetizers!


It’s time for summertime appetizers!

Here’s a fantastic appetizer that’s perfect to serve while we take a breaking bread break (say that 10 times)!

I featured Bruschetta and Caprese on a stick appetizers at the ALA yesterday in Washington, DC. The perfect flavors to get the party started! A few simple and fresh favorites: basil, tomatoe and mozzarella.

The prep and plating, compliments of the staff of chef angels led by my friends Executive Chef, John Huppman and Devon Capilli, Senior Banquet Chef (JW Marriott 1331 Pennsylvania Ave). I could not have pulled off the perfect event without them! Imagine 100 degree weather “shlepping fresh mozzarella” to ALA – we made it just in time or a disaster of 20 lbs. of melting mozzarella on the streets of Washington! A funny version of Mozzarella Busters!

A quick tip: Go out and buy yourself a pot of basil and keep it on your window cill – basil is low maintenace (watering the base once a week and lots of sun light).

I know my friends and supporters at my talk enjoyed the appetizers! Thanks to my friend Mara for taking the video and photos. We will be posting them shortly!

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ALA Talk is one day away!

Just a reminder that I will be presenting my cookbook at the ALA, tomorrow June 28th at 11:30am-12:30. Come join us for bruschetta and caprese salad!

Try the hot house tomatoes – fresh and in season. My basil pot is blooming and using fresh leaves to prepare my delicious antipasto!
On Feb 3rd., my post:

On Feb. 3rd, my blog for for bruschetta heaven:

Bruschetta Heaven = Bread + tomoto + basil + garlic + extra virgin olive oil

This is one antipasto that does not require translation. What’s not to love about this simple math of flavors. Simple, fresh and rustic…..the three words that best describes my book.

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