Reunion with Andrea and Luciano De Carlofelice: Trattoria San Biagio

Earlier in the week, I spoke with Adrea De Carlofelice, one of the owners of Trattoria San Biagio. I look forward to seeing him on Saturday! I have not seen him since Fall 2008 when I took my parents to Italy. My dad celebrated his 80th birthday and wanted to take them to Calabria with a stop in L’Aqulia (of course).

It’s amazing when you put passion, dreams and love into action: voila, the birth of Breaking Bread in L’Aquila! As I told some of friends, I am now dealing with the “book weight” – and working it off with my daily visits to the gym!

Here’s a little snippet (panini) of my talk for Saturday night:

I would also like to acknowledge both Luciano e Andrea De Carlofelice, the owners of Trattoria San Biagio, a place that Paul and I enjoyed visiting in L’Aquila—our home away from home. It was during my visit in October 2004 that I was inspired to fulfill my lifelong dream to write a book. At the time, I wondered if the cookbook was simply my way of dealing with my grief. But I also knew that there was magic in the idea. The brothers inspired me to recreate tastes in my own versions and words.
Thank you to my friends who are here to support me through the publication of my book.

I believe that things in life happen for a reason.

Will take lots of pictures and share with you!


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  • Expatinitaly

    San Biagio was one of my favourite places in L’Aquila and I hope to relive the lunches I’ve had there on chilly days – their soups, especially those based around chick peas, were perfect and gave me strength to face the chill.

  • MessageAvenue

    Great post! Looking forward to reading more about your trip and reunion. Keep up the great work, Maria!

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