Ovenology 101: Know your Oven!

I’m not an ovenologist but ….How many times have you thought to yourself, “I swear that I followed exactly what the recipe called for. Why didn’t the cake rise? How could I have burned the biscotti?” (I’ll get to the biscotti in a minute.) You were sure that you followed the recipe. You bought exactly what the recipe required, with no deviation whatsoever. But when you took a step back to figure out what the heck happened, did it ever occur to you that it might be your oven?

What I mean is, all ovens are different. Some models are gas or electric, and they’re made by different manufacturers. Are all cars alike? It’s gets easier when you know your oven.

Biscotti making is now a pleasure….I have two ovens, one gas, one electric and each time that I made batches, had to regulate my 350F to difference ranges to avoid my fudgesicle disasters.

a presto, biscotti calling my name!

Don’t forget….The net proceeds of this book will be donated to the restoration efforts of the earthquake of L’Aquila. Great gift giving for the Holidays.

maria !

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