Gilroy Garlic Festival (July 23-25)


Hi Everybody,

I’m getting ready for my next book signing event in Gilroy, California. A lot of my relatives live there (my grandfather’s two brothers moved there from Italy back in the 20’s). My grandfather didn’t leave Italy until 1960’s and ended up in Toronto, Canada (my first generation roots). Our family is spread out but when there are gatherings, the DNA really comes through. Move over “Moonstruck” …..

My Uncle Val (my second cousin, but respected and loved him like my uncle). Anyway, he was an incredible cook. Not to mention, a personality that resonated with everybody.

When I contacted the organizers of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and mentioned Uncle Val, there was sigh ….as though he was present in the conversation. It was a very powerful connection with the voice on the other line.

Anyway, I’m going to cook with his son, Bob Filice on Friday, July 23rd and can’t wait! I’m honoring Friday, July 23rd to Uncle Val and know his talents and spirit will shine through when Bob and I spend the day cooking for everybody celebrating this incredible event.

Read more about this incredible legend:

Now that I had a good cry writing this blog, here an easy garlic tip.

In this photo, cut 3-4 garlic bulbs, add extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and roast with veggies or meats. In twenty minutes, the garlic comes gold brown and changes to a delicacy of sweetness. Remove from the oven, let sit for 10 minutes.

In a small bowl, squeeze the garlic and juices (the cloves pop out easily). Take a fork and begin to mash the garlic. Drizzle a little olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. I like to add a pinch of freshly grated parmigiano cheese and a little red chili flakes. The perfect spread on crostini !

Here’s to the legendary Uncle Valentino (big name too)!


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