Fresh Mint!


My mother planted mint a few years ago and now grown into a healthy mint bush. It just roams and grows – low maintenance. In fact, if you have a pot of mint, it’s very low maintenance all year round. My kind of herb = = low maintenance with dark chocolate on the side please! The smell of fresh mint – so fresh and aromatic! Here are some low maintenance tips:

I like to chop fresh mint with strawberries and add a little fresh lemon juice! A refreshing way to serve a simple dessert with a little gelati or a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce!

Make some fresh mint tea. It’s easy to make. Boil hot water and add to a sprig of mint. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Add a little honey and it’s perfect. My first cup was in Morocco – the perfect mid-day relaxant.

My cousin Renee adds fresh lemon slices and mint leaves in cold water. The lemon and mint flavour is a great way to get you to drink your eight glasses/day!

Next week, I will write about my favorite zuccini salad that my grandmother would make during the summer with fresh mint – her southern Calabrese twist.

A delicous cocktail “mojito” with fresh mint, lime and sugar (and vodka) makes the perfect cocktail.

Food and Fate memories!


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