Dinner Party!

I hosted a pre-conference dinner on Friday night. Since I prepared for a group of 30 guests, I will be posting the recipes for you in the next week (in a smaller serving size). As mentioned in a previous blog, writing down the measurements will be the challenge. Bear with me, it will be worth it. Wanted to share some of the photos:

The Great Antipasto TenorsAntipasto “Sopreso” (which means surprise)

asparagus Steamed Asparagus with fresh lemon

potatoes Potatoes with Fresh Parsley “Flakes”

salmon and mustard Oven Poached Salmon with Mustard (baret of cucumbers-lemons-limes)

green bean salad Green Bean Salad with Wine Vinegar (I used my Uncle Mike’s home made vinegar)

peas and sausagePadella of Peas, Sweet Onions and Mushrooms served with Roasted Sausage

recipes will be forthcoming.


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