Classic Spring Appetizer: Fava Beans and Pecorino Cheese

fava and pecorino cheese

I must confess, unless I’m in Italy, I rarely go out for Italian food. BUT, there is one exception to my rule …… I love dining at Hearth ( just down the street from me. Chef and owner, Marco Canora runs a great Tuscan kitchen with the very best. Not to mention, an outstanding wine list from around the globe! It’s my favorite Italian kitchen away from my kitchen. Check it out when you are in NYC! A photo of my friend Lucy, Marco and Maria – a great evening and will treasure this image!

Lucy Marko and Mary

One of my favorite appetizers on the menu is the Fava Beans + Pecorino Salad. Fava beans, another Spring vegetable combined with chunks of pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and a few red chili flakes (salt and pepper to taste). Rustic dining at its best. ps – if the favas are not fresh, make sure you blanch for a few minutes. I’ve prepared it in my kitchen for friends and family as an appetizer! I also use the finest pecorino cheese from the region of Abruzzo – a friend of mine Bob Marcelli, importer: Marcelli Formaggi, LLC (Organic and Artisan Products of Abruzzo)has the best pecorino cheeses, smoked riccota and other fine products – check it out!

Serve with toasted crusty Italian bread (rub garlic on the bread) and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Serve with your favorite wine! Now that’s amore!

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  • James

    but do you first blanch and peel the favas?. When the favas are very, very fresh you can eat themwith their skins. but so often they are not that fresh and you end up spitting out the skins.

  • carbonara

    looks beautiful, and reminds me of similar things you can have Abruzzo, but not always as beautiful as in your picture .

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