Breaking Bread in L’Aquila Review

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I wanted to share a beautiful review of Breaking Bread in L’Aquila by Eleonora Baldwin’s blog. I was very moved and so true how my life changed from my marriage to the unfortunate tragedy of Paul’s passing. Working on the book helped me put closure and now beginning a new chapter in life! How exciting! Starting to work on other book projects …and…….another dream to run in a half marathon in 2011. I’ll keep you posted while I am straining the pasta ! ! It may be my “red hot chili pepper” debut…..

Exerpt from Eleonora’s the blog:

……is inspired in part by those memorable meals, but even more so by a deep love for the joviality and warmth of shared hospitality. But above all, the book is inspired by the enduring love for Paul, the man who transformed Maria’s life. Breaking Bread in L’Aquila is, essentially, a delicious love letter……

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