Amaretti, Biscotti, Pizzelli….Oh my!

xmas cake i
Hi Everybody,

As a rule breaker…..I decided to create my version of the Gingerbread House with my delicous cookies from Breaking Bread in L’Aquila. I baked the cookies and with the help of my sister in law Maria, a brilliant and creative baker put the house together. I presented the Pizelli Palazzo on my monthly TV appearances on CHCH TV 11, Hamilton Canada.

Maria created the Pizzelli Palazzo, with the cookies and added a few more touches with chocolate torrone for the walkway. We added almond confetti (silver and white) for stones around the house. As Maria worked on the house, my gorgeous nephew Stefano and beautiful niece Amelia and I bonded over kareoke disco tunes “Funky Town” and “YMCA” ….wearing our funky hats, sunglasses and costumes. ps – I think Auntie Mary was having too much fun!

Maria and Gianni Bardini

I also brought the Pizzelli Palazzo during my book signing at the Italian Canadian Chamber of Commerce (ICCO) XMAS Party. Gianni Bardini, Console Generale D’Italia was very impressed with the design and I’m honored to have a copy of my book at the Consolate Office in Toronto!

Before I forget…..I want to acknowledge Stefano’s suggestion to seal some of the holes with the icing sugar glue – thank you Stefano! Of course, Amelia helped with the snowmen designs……forgive me for not mentioning on TV !

This house can be made with your favorite cookies! Have fun and be creative!

a presto,


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