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It all started with one of food blogs: Stairway to Heaven’ly Eggplant, posted on: 2/19/10

It attracted a reader on Foodbuzz …….was it our shared love for Led Zepplin or eggplant …..

As a first time author, I reached out to SHIZUOKA GOURMET, to write a review about my book “Breaking Bread in L’Aquila”.

The review was picked up by a reader on “Google Search”

Sammy Dunham reached out to me. We share many things ….our passion for re-building L’Aquila and the region of Abruzzo)…..

We started to Skype talk from the UK and then Italy ….

The rest just snow balled like a nice bowl of pasta!

Success Strategies By Maria Filice on Social Networking

Nov 17, 2010

These success strategies come from Maria Filice, Publisher of Telos Press and Food and Fate Publishing, who presented them at the November 16th Women TIES Syracuse luncheon. For more information about Maria’s companies visit www.telospress.com or www.foodandfate.com.

Business Advice

Consider using interns to keep up with social networking. The more social media networking you can do on a consistent basis, the more connections you’ll make. But social media networking takes alot of time so dedicate a staff member or hire interns to help.

Make sure you blog frequently and your blog is tagged properly.

Google your audience/target market to find out what blogs they enjoy and what blogs you should be connected to.

To utilize Facebook to the maximum, Maria has multiple Facebook accounts – one for Marie Piccone, one for Maria Filice, one for her book Breaking Bread in L’Aquila, and one for her publishing company “Telos Press”. Each attracts a different audience. Don’t be afraid to create multiple facebook accounts to really be able to target your outreach and communication.

Use Skype to connect internationally and to make global connections that could lead to new and exciting business developments.

Remember social media networking and even social networking in person can open up the gateway to opportunities and people you couldn’t meet otherwise. Remember the rule of the six degrees of separation – you don’t know who you’ll meet, who knows the right person or the right company who can really catapult your business to the next level.

General Advice

Make sure to follow your intuitive and creative side and you will be successful.

To love what we do for a living means we wake up every day full of love and rejunenvation. It is a blessing.

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