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We received Breaking Bread in L’Aquila and love it. The photos are mouth-watering and the recipes are so authentic. My wife said they’re exactly the way her Italian aunts used to make them. We also like the way the book is designed around seven days.
This weekend our cousins visited from Pennsylvania and we prepared two dinners from Breaking Bread.

The first comprised lettuce salad with parmigiano cheese, veal cutlets, sautéed mushrooms, and rustic vegetables with balsamic reduction.

The second comprised baked haddock (instead of snapper) with lemon-butter sauce, pasta e fagioli, and peas and guanciale. Both meals were total and complete big hits with everyone.

After the second dinner, my wife revealed the source of the recipes and gave a copy of Breaking Bread to our cousins – they were thrilled. We have family in Abruzzo, near L’Aquila. In 2007 we four visited them.

So your book and the meals were extra special treats for them … as they also were for us. We are so glad you wrote the book; it is a fitting tribute to both Paul and L’Aquila. They will not be forgotten.

THAT’S RIGHT! WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ! ! Don’t forget….The net proceeds of this book will be donated to the restoration efforts of the earthquake of L’Aquila. Great gift giving for the Holidays.

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