The Italian version of Julie/Julia: Meet Maria/Lidia

maria and lidia 11-2

One of the few cooking shows that I enjoy is to watch Lidia in action. We share similar tehniques: rustic, simple and flavorful. I also relate to her style and warmth as she orchestrates simple ingredients to delicious meals. If there was a smell feature to our satellite dish, you would agree that the aromas from her kitchen would be “delizioso”, just like nonna, mamma or zia!
For those who have eaten in my home can relate to the comfort and love that I put into preparing and my ‘flair for styling’ my dishes! “Breaking Bread” is what we do around the dinner table – it’s the perfect way of communicating, building community and feeling at ease through a nice bowl of pasta (as a starter)!
By the way, I attended Lidia’s book signing last week and had the opportunity to speak with her. She was very warm and charming as you see her on TV.
Maria/Lidia…..the Italian version of Julie/Julia conveying the passion of food art …….

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  • Leona

    I envy you! I have watched Lidia for years on PBS! Not having any Italian heritage I credit her for any successful recipes I have managed. I would love to meet her at a book signing or eat at one of her Restos.

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