The American Premieres Today!

Hi Everybody,

I saw the preview of The American a couple of days ago. The movie is filmed in Abruzzo and of course I was couldn’t wait to see the places it was filmed. It brought back a lot of memories when the Jack, the main character played by George Clooney makes his temporary home in Castel del Monte. I remember visiting a lot of the small villages nessled in Abruzzo’s Gran Sasso mountain, the medieval hill town. It’s opposite Rocca Calascio, a place that I was accused by my late husband for eating his prescutto sandwich while he took a nap when we stopped for a romatic picnic – overseeing the sky, clouds and stars.

The scenery throughout the movie left me thinking about my memories over the last few days. Bittersweet but how lucky I was to explore the nooks and crannies of this beautiful region.

One of the scenes where Jack and his girlfriend met for dinner, as they ordered a bottle of Montepulchano, the regions wine – I also have a section about the wines of Abruzzo in my book! As a foodie, the first thing that I thought of was – what did they order from the menu?? Did they order pasta alla Chitarra for primi, the regions prize pasta! Or perhaps, the grilled lamb chops that I have the site? I’m sure food was the last thing they were thinking (if you know what I mean)!nes and chemistry between Jack and Clara were

The village procession reminded me of the one I attended in the town of , at the summer festival (feraugsto) a few years ago.

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