Testimonial from One of the Participants

My first cooking class was a success! Also very special to teach my first cooking class on my birthday! Here’s my first testimonial….

Cara Maria,
Many thanks again for a fun, informative, and relaxing evening at Front and Center last night! My friend, Kristen, and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You have such a laid-back way about teaching your passion in food. Coming from an Italian family (my grandparents were from Sicily and Calabria) I have always loved cooking, especially Italian cooking. My aunt has shared many recipes with me over the years (she taught me how to make some terrific cannoli) and now my 3 year old son wants her to teach him how to make homemade sausage! I love rustic cooking and I also believe in using what you have–throw in a little of this, a little of that! Your class was almost like home!
Can’t wait for the next one! Enjoy your trip to Italy! J

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