Seafood Salad To Perfection!


The secret of the perfect seafood salad is timing. When your favorite fish is cooked to perfection, add a little extra virgin olive oil (live a little …experiment with infused oils or a drop of truffle oil). Add: fresh lemon wedges, fresh italian flat parsley (chopped), 1 clove of minced garlic and juice of one lemon. DONE! I sometimes like to add olives, marinated mushrooms (or whatever I see in the pantry, counter or refrigerator). Adding a little of this and that makes it your signature dish!

Serve over a bed of greens as the perfect antipasto or light lunch or dinner!

The recipe is my book “Breaking Bread in L’Aquila” – I serve it in decorative martini glasses, garnished with radicchio!

Don’t forget to serve with your favorite white wine or rose wine.

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