Roast Chicken With Champagne Grapes


Everything but the kitchen sink in this recipe! I was clearing out the refrigerator and found a bunch of champagne grapes that my friend Christina gave me a few weeks ago. She gave them to me since she was going out of town and she knew I would use them. Yes, the next day, I sauteed some scallops and made a tasty sauce of champagne grapes, shallots, sliced almonds (sauteed the three with a little butter for two minutes), tossed over the scallops and added fresh flat Italian parsley (where was my camera)!

Interns in my office, pouring rain outside, I decided to roast a 1-1/2 lb. chicken. In the roasting pan, I added 2 red onions (quartered), 1 sliced orange, 3-4 hot peppers, 2 garlic bulbs, 6-8 red baby potatoes and a bunch of champagne grapes. I added salt, pepper, 1 cup of water and baked for :45 @ 400F

Back to the office……checked the chicken at :30 and added 2tbsp. brown mustard paste over the chicken. Covered the chicken with the fruit and veggies for additional :15 minutes.

I love feeding my interns! This is something Tyler Florence would appreciate (one of my favorites)!


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