Pizzelli Tornado!

Hi Everybody,

I didn’t realize my last blog was just a month ago. I’m back and revitalized …..

My daily funny….

As I prepare for three events later in the week, I baked biscotti and pizzelli for the events: biscotti (dried cranberry and pistachios) and pizzelli.

Did I mention that my cat, ‘Monkey J’ likes pizzelli (among other things: olives, soprasatta.

I lightly powdered the pizzelli with icing sugar, then sealing them in plastic bags……my cat, ‘Monkey J’ found his way through a bag of pizzelli! It’s too bad my camera is out of commission but there were at least 20 pizzelli all over the dining room floor. God bless the cat!

I’m heading out for flour, sugar, butter and cat food!

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