Pantry and Freezer: Your Best Friends


Pantry + Freezer = your best friend when you don’t have time!

I’ve had one of those week! Didn’t have time to cook or time to go out! Getting ready with the book launch and lots to do!

Here’s to leftovers and being mindful to freeze them to help you out in the kitchen. ps – I don’t eat cereal for dinner!

I always keep a few containers of chicken soup. Here’s how I made it a little different:

Serves 4

While the soup was coming back to life, I added a can of lentils , a pinch of red chili flakes and read to serve! Serve with a nice glass a red wine, a little crusty italian bread and a piece of pecorino cheese….. and my headache just did an “exit stage left”.

Quick and easy…….I just got my second wind…..back to work!

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