Orange Marmelade!

What do you do with excess oranges that are ready to call it quits? How about homemade organge marmelade. I’ve made it before and it’s very easy. This year, I used my mandoline slicer (be careful …. it’s very sharp). It slices to perfection whereas last year, I cut manually (some slices were chunky) and decided to modify.

4 large seedless oranges
4 cups of cold water
8 cups sugar

Slice the oranges in half (crosswise) and thinly slice the oranges including the pulp and juices. Last year, I cut them directly into the pot to make sure no juices escaped! (Also, I try to stick to the one pot clean up)!

Add the cold water and bring it to a boil, stirring often. Turn off the heat and add 8 cups of sugar, and stir until it is dissolved. Cover the pot with it’s lid. Let the mixture sit at room temperature for approximately 6-8 hours. I made this in the evening and let it sit overnight.

The next day, bring it to a boil, at medium-high. Make sure you stir often so that it does not stick or burn. Turn the heat down to low for other 2 1/2 hours, and again, for an additional 1/2 hour at medium.

You now have your very own fresh orange marmelade! I filled a large jar and stored in my refrigerator.

Try it with your favorite cake or as simple as serving with vanilla ice cream, a teaspoon of jam and some dark chocolate shavings.

It’s also great with meats, cheese and vegetables – homemade and zero preservatives!

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