Memories of Uovo in Purgatorio

zuccini with egg

My poached egg and eggplant parmigiana in my last blog reminded me of a time when my nanna would prepare poached eggs with left over tomatoe sauce for nonno. The dish was called “uovo in purgatorio”.

My father remembers whenever there was leftover tomatoe sauce, my nanna would prepare it with eggs. I told him how greatful I was to have the ‘little of that gene’ and the concept makes it easy to prepare dishes. No mistakes, just ingredients and foods that you enjoy best by taking it to the next level!
Here’s an example. At lunch, I had approx. 1 cup of leftover zuccini, stewed tomatoes and onion (my southern melange) and yes, had poached egg with the leftover zuccini. I sprinked a little red chili.
It was eggsellent!

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  • leavesofthetree

    I enjoy your posts, Maria. Not much of a kitchen guy, but I do love to eat. Hearing about how you were raised around so much food reminds me of my childhood – great memories! Thanks for keeping it fresh, and keep the recipes coming!

    Christopher, NYC

  • The Hungry Italian

    Hi Maria,

    A fresh egg broken over a soup or plate of pasta is nothing short of incredible; it is for me, the only way to eat a carbonara. Especially if it’s a morning egg from a family farm in Italy. Congrats on the book.

  • 5 Star Foodie

    A yummy lunch and a great use of leftovers!

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