Fashionista to Foodista

Fashionista to Foodista = Turning my runway to food styling …

I was invited to one of the events during Fashion Week in NYC. It was exciting to get all dressed up and wear those four inch heals that my feet now “cringe” at the very thought. Well, back in the day, I would wear them from morning to night and now paying a sweet “cannoli” price. I love my shoes well, when I’m sitting down breaking bread of course!

As I was ready to leave my apartment, I put a few of my Breaking Bread in L’Aquila post cards in my designer bag (next to my red lipstick)- just in case I ran into someone.

I realized at the event (size zero’s all around me), maybe not… the post cards for another event….

During the excitement of watching the models wearing Spring Collection 2011 (very 80’s), I laughed inside…why? I felt the same excitement when I went to the opening of Eataly or wine tasting events…

How my gusto changed over the decade……Raise a toast to sweet, savory change!

a presto,


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