Explore the Powers of Olive Oil!

If there’s one thing that I always buy are fresh, good quality ingredients. It makes the simple dishes taste extraordinary!

The photos taken in my book Breaking Bread in L’Aquila were all natural – meaning, no botox used to bring my dishes to life! Simple, fresh and rustic ….

Let’s take olive oil as an example. Check out the olive oil emporium site. They offer great tips and and sell world class olive oils from around the Globe! Today’s tip is a good read….check out the oils…

Olive Oil is the second best natural source of Vitamin K available. The greener the olive oil the higher the content because Vitamin K is associated with chlorophyll. Vitamin K helps the body synthesize at least four of the proteins implicated in clot formation. It also cooperates with vitamins A and D in helping to build bones and kidneys protein.

Explore the world of olive oil with us at: http://www.oliveoilemporium.com/Home.aspx

Here’s a great entertaining tip:
As an appetizer, pour a little olive oil in a dish and serve with your favorite fresh, crusty breads. I like adding red chili flakes to the oil! Serve a few types of oils and compare ….. great mixer!



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  • LindyLouMac

    Wonderful wonderful olive oil, great to see you promoting the health angle as well. My husband has a history of DVT’s and his health has greatly improved since we came to Italy and started producing and using our own olive oil.

  • Andreas

    Well said Maria!
    Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated!

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