Costolette or Cotolette?

veal cutlets

sear that !

In my upcoming book “Breaking Bread in L’Aquila” pub date: April 6, 2010, we are in the final phases. One of the recipes in my book is the classic “veal cutlet”.

As a nice finishing touch, I have the titles of my 49 recipes translated in Italian having them both in both English and Italian.

Since Italian is not my first language and to complicate matters, speaking dialect makes it more challenging. In this example, growing up, we always referred to veal cutlet as “cotolette”. When I was proofreading last night, and read it as “costolette”, I thought to myself, “could this be a typo”?

Another recipe in my book are “grilled lamb chops”. Chops are not cotolette, cutlets are cotolette! Growing up, I don’t remember ever hearingthe word “costolette”? After a long deliberation with Fran (she’s fluent in Italian and yes, Calabrese too)? She checked her Italian dictionary and other references, and yes…… I learned something new! The results:

Veal Cutlets = Costolette di Vitello

Grilled Lamb Chops = Cotolette d’Agnello alla GrigliaWould you agree that the tasty photos speak for themselves = no deliberation here!

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