Back to Reality!

Hi Everybody,

I just returned from my delicious trip from Italy filled with great food, great wine and incredible friends! Now’s that’s Breaking Bread with Maria to the max./ (massimo)!

Receiving an email from Cookstr. that I am now a featured chef on the Cookstr. site is an honor. It’s a great site that they provide great recipes from the best chefs and cookbook authors. Take a look at:

As I sort through luggage and laundry, I hope to put on a nice pot of chicken/ brodo to help me get rid of this cold! I’ll report back later with the soup…..

a presto,


2 comments to Back to Reality!

  • Eleonora

    Oh no, did I give you the cold??? Hope the brodo (and a nice glass of red wine) healed you.

    It was great to meet again this time around.

    Congrats on your Cookstr feature!!

  • ♥The Sweet Life♥

    Ciao!! Sounds like you enjoyed your trip. Congrats that you are a featured chef. I hope your cold gets better.

    P.S I am following you!

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