Domenic Serio’s Fashion Show in Toronto

Hi Everybody,

My friend Sammy sent me a few samples to try! Smoked Ricotta and Peperoncino and smoked ricotta! If you are in the NY area, Eataly is selling Marcelli Formaggi not to mention some of the high end NYC Restaurants buy from them.

Bob Marcelli, the owner of Marcelli Formaggi included olive oil and honey. Bob imports world class from family who live in Anversa Degli Abruzzi.

smoked ricotta w/peperoncino and smoked ricotta

Sammy has visited the family and wrote a beautiful interview that you check out:

A great idea is to adapt a “pecora”…

bob and plp are going on lifeinabruzzo once the new site is live with the ecommerce bit so that’s good…

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